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The goal of the game is to create a harmonious world by aligning Spirit of Nature tiles, which represent the elements of Earth, Water, Air, and Fire.

The game has an offer display for Spirit of Nature tiles, which are shuffled and placed in three facedown draw stacks. Players take turns drawing and placing a tile, forming their own personal display of tiles.

Each Spirit of Nature tile has a single base color on both sides that corresponds to the element type of the tile, 1-4 arrows on the front that point in different directions, and a number on the front and back that corresponds to the point value of the tile. The arrows also have a basic color that corresponds to one of the four different elements. Each arrow presents a task that the player can fulfill.

On a player's turn, they take a Spirit of Nature tile from the offer display and place it faceup orthogonally adjacent (not diagonally) to a tile that is already in their personal display. The arrows on the newly placed tile must align with the arrows on the adjacent tiles, creating a colorful and harmonious world. Whenever a player aligns all the arrows on a tile with the proper colored tiles, they receive points based on the number of arrows on the tile.

If a player cannot fulfill a task, they receive Cacophony discs and negative points (red discs). Cacophony discs are used as sound disc and remains in the player's reserve when tile contracts are fulfilled.

The game ends when the score target is reached for the number of players (75 at two players, 60 at 3 players and 45 a 4 players), Visibile on the score track.