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Card Passing To Opponents (3-5-7-9-J-K-A-Q-10-8-6-4-2)

0) Choose the cards to pass based on what will help your hand the most but when you actually choose who to give what, apply the following rules:

1) When passing an even and an odd card to the opponents, always pass the even card to the player on the right (treat Jacks and Kings as Odd and Aces and Queens as even for this purpose).

2) When passing two non matching EVEN cards, pass the LOWER one to the player on the right. When passing two non matching ODD cards, pass the HIGHER one to the player on the right.

3) When splitting a pair, pass the higher alphabetically named suit card to the right (thus Red, Green, Blue, Black).

4) When passing only one card of a pair, take suit into account (based on your other cards in your hand, try to make it less likely you are filling straight-flushes when passing to the opponents and more likely when passing to your partner).

Note that I assume here that players are playing in the standard Western clockwise order where each player is followed by the player on his left. Thus, left really means "player who plays after you" and right really means "player who plays before you".