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Goal of the game

Be the last one with cards.


Shuffle the cards and deal no more than 5 to each player. Each player must have the same number of cards, so stop dealing when there aren’t enough cards for each player to get another. Set all extra cards aside without allowing anyone to see what they are.

How to play?

Turns proceed clockwise. When it’s your turn you must do one of the following four things:

  • Play an Action: Discard it and follow its instructions.
  • Play an Object: Remove an Object card from your hand and place it face up in front of you.
  • Use an Object: If you have an Object in play at the start of your turn, and the power of the card is currently applicable, you may activate the card’s power. (Using an Object may or may -not require that you discard the Object—read the card carefully.)
  • Discard an Object: If you have an Object in play at the start of your turn, you may discard it as your turn action.


If you have no cards, either in your hand or on the table, you are immediately and permanently out of the game.

How to win?

When only one player remains in the game—with all others having been eliminated for having no cards left in either their hands or on the table—that player wins!